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Frequently Asked Questions is the website of Elite Investment Company, LLC, an investment comapny that trades crypto currency, forex and other markets with the investments of her investors and make profits for the investors,

Yes, Elite Investment is registered and approved by S.E.C (Security and Exchange Commission) in 2018. Our registeration and approval can be viewd here.

In September, 2014, platform was opened to public. Key traders were working since 2012. Administration was hired in the early months of the year 2014 to prepare to start accepting investments from individuals.

This data is not revealed to the public as it is considered a business secret. Exposing this data could characterize Elite Investment as an investment counselor, which conflicts with our terms of service, universal business and trading laws, thus incurring a criminal risk against us. We will, be that as it may, share our outcomes in subjective measures.

Deposits and withdrawals are done majorly by Bitcoin, although other means of payment may be accepted.

The investment period depends on the level of portfolio purchased.

The minimum investment amount is 500 USD.

Yes, all portfolios run independently.

You can withdraw the amount shown in your account balance at any time, but your withdrawal for one transaction must be more than or equal to 100USD.

Our affiliate program is an approach to gain additional money by referring new individuals to Elite Investment. It isn't compulsory to refer others to profit but rather it's an extraordinary approach to expand your earnings. We have a two level deep referral system which implies that you will gain commissions on the first and second investments made by people you refer.

A passport photograph and any of the following documents:

  1. National ID Card
  2. International Passport
  3. Driver's License
  4. PAN Card
  5. Photo identity proof of Central or State government
  6. Identity card of University or board of education
  7. Employee identity card of a listed company or public sector company

Withdrawals may take up to 10 hours.

In other words, it may take few seconds, few minutes, few hours, but it will definitely not exceed 10 hours.