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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy vows that everything will be done in order to guarantee that clients confidential data will stay classified and be solely utilized as expressed in these terms below.

General vows that everything will be done in order to guarantee that clients confidential data will stay classified and be solely utilized as expressed in these terms below.

By creating an account and consenting to our Privacy Policy, you agree with the expressed terms within this page and express your agreement to utilization of your data as portrayed here. is a trademark of Elite Investment Company, LLC. In the event that you have any inquiries or objections with respect to these privacy terms, can be contacted through email [email protected]

Personal data

To open an account with us, clients must give their full name and email address. Clients may be additionally required to provide additional data such as a telephone number, that was submitted while registering confirmation to ensure your account is safe from fraud and also to reset your password, when necessary. We will request to verify phone number, identity and residence.

Every Client’s IP location is saved within our system when you visit our webpage and this data, together with individual data, won’t be made public to outsiders. depends on a couple of fundamental guidelines in regards to your personal data; we are essentially collecting this kind of data to give our clients a protected website for online instant money transfers linked with low expenses and an open client support. Clients personal data will be utilized to avert extortion and tax evasion exercises; process money transfers in a split second, without any delay period for confirmation of each transfer and upon lawful solicitation given to legal authorities .

Utilization of information will not sell, trade or bargain your personal data to outsiders. A percentage of the data in regards to your account, for example, your email address and your full name will be shown to your upline or referrals for better communication.

Clients financial data, for example, transactions history, account balance, payment system account information will not be revealed to any third party. Gathered data may be utilized to manage clients accounts, reply to clients solicitations, enhance the services offered by

Account personalization

Clients can personalize their account information in member area at For security purposes, some of this data can’t be updated by the client himself and in such a situation, our customer support representatives must be reached.


Your data is scrambled and saved within our private servers, which are situated in a protected domain to avoid individual information theft and ensure the adequacy of the services provided by us. Our website is protected by enterprise level security and your entire data is exchanged utilizing a 256bit SSL encryption, which implies that all your data is successfully encoded and can’t be viewed by any third party.

Policy Changes

The privacy policy is subject to modifications contingent upon changes in administrative, law and regulations with a previous notification of no less than one week. Immediately after these progressions are reported, clients will be able to decide whether to consent to our new terms and regulations and keep on utilizing our services or, if there is any discrepancy, clients are given one week to remove their assets from prior to the restriction of their account. Clients will be cautioned by means of email and on our primary site in the event that it happens.

Legal Disclaimer

These terms of service and privacy policy are in implicit agreement with the present laws of The United States of America and clients soliciting this service will be tendered to The United States of America courts or similar legal bodies by utilizing the services of

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